We have extensive experience coding in PHP, leveraging many libraries and APIs commonly in use. We source control all projects, and believe strongly in good OOP practices. Building a sound architecture from the start is the key to what we do, which includes recognizing and selecting useful design patterns early on. We have coded using native PHP, PEAR libraries, and frameworks such as Zend, Symfony, and CodeIgniter.

Besides building applications, we also have good experience integrating existing systems, building hybrid systems with single sign-on (SSO) capability, and creating modules for existing 3rd party applications.


Zend is one of the most widely used PHP frameworks today, and is very complete. Its strength comes from its core developers, many of whom contribute to PHP itself. Zend's code is extremely coherent and consistent. While heavy, it remains highly performant. Its features for integrating unit testing into the development flow for example, make for very robust projects from the start.

Google trend comparison of 3 major PHP frameworks

Google trends comparison of 3 major PHP frameworks, measuring how often the names appear in news headlines over time.


Symfony is a framework with a similar weight to Zend's, though widely differing in the details. Its strength comes less from a centralized core development effort (as Zend's does) and more from a very active community of developers. This difference is often felt when comparing the two frameworks. Symfony's ORM, for interfacing with dababases (Doctrine) is especially appreciated by its converts.


CodeIgniter sets itself apart from the other two. While Zend and Symfony are both very complete frameworks, who try to think of a wide array of applications and provide many useful libraries, CodeIgniteris based on simplicity and speed. CodeIgniter provides much less code at the start, to make for a highly robust framework that lets you code quickly. Zend and Symfony give you more, but there is no question CodeIgniter allows you to develop applications very rapidly.


Need to integrate with an arcane backend system? Social media, such as Twitter or Facebook? An ERP or CRM such as Salesforce or Sugar? No reason all your systems shouldn't work together. We have extensive experience hooking up together a wide variety of applications. Contact us for details.


We have created bridges and other SSO schemes that allow seamless cross-application integration into a single user experience. Why not make one site out of many smaller dedicated parts. Whatever your need, we can find a solution that works well, and creates a single unified feel. Contact us for details.

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